It is time to forgive each other

Asgar-DhanjiThe writer, Asgar Jafferali Dhanji (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) served as the Secretary-General of the Africa Federation for two – 3-years terms.  He served as JIBA Vice Chairman – with a particular passion to raise funds and offer Micro Finance to our Community – for low-income, underprivileged, startups, Business loans, individuals, and small enterprises — thereby giving opportunities to grow economically.  He is the founder of Imaan Finance Ltd — the First Islamic Finance Institution in Tanzania.  and has also served in Dar es Salaam Jamaat’s Arbitration Committee as well as a Board member of Ebrahim Haji Charitable Hospital – with a particular passion for the project of building the new hospital.  He is now a motivational/Inspirational speaker giving regular Saturday Fajr lectures at Dar Imambara.



any religious and spiritual traditions essentially promote healing, reconciliation and growth. Unfortunately, many of us still struggle to forgive each other and fail to take the initiative to do so out of pride and honour. Instead, we feel the desire for stopping talking, revenge and cut off valuable ties even with blood relations!

Such negative behaviour can be tempting if the wrongdoing done is significant; but people fail to recognize that such behaviour perpetuates the cycle of hurt, harm and further escalation.

One approach is to empathize (feel their pain and predicament) , and understand the challenges and struggles that they may have.

Compromise with compassion creates reconciliation. There is no age barrier or relationship barrier, as to who takes the first initiative. Whoever takes the first initiative is doing it for the pleasure of Allah swt – who has placed so much importance on Family bonds/relationships ( sil-e-rahem)

Do not allow remorse (guilt or shame) and grudges to rent a place in your heart. It hurts the heart in the long run. Everyone has limited time on earth. Use your energy and efforts on more positive and productive things in life. This holy month, when all the doors of mercy are open, it is time to get together with lost ones family friends and relations.

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