It is not enough just to care for yourself and your own family

Dr Amir Lakha M.B.,Ch.B – Harrow, UK

It is not enough just to care for yourself and your family. That most people do. What sets you apart as an exemplary philanthropic individual is when you also expend your time, energy or wealth on those less fortunate in the world. The act of giving, to the poor and needy in their time of despair, generates happiness for you. It nurtures the soul and brings about a sense of fulfillment and – it is abundantly rewarding! When you do it with love, selflessness and genuine concern it is even more rewarding.

Everyone, whether they are king or pauper, leaves this world after a life span of 80 or 90 years with not a penny with them. Why not utilise part of your wealth, time or energy, in your lifetime, for those in whose life you could make a difference! The time has come when those nations and institutions, which used to donate generously and freely for charity, do not have adequate funds and those that do have a lot of wealth; it is not in their culture to “give”.

The number of refugees and displaced persons, worldwide, has surpassed 70 million and the number will increase even further as thousands of refugees are created daily. A catastrophic situation can develop leading to chaos, instability and disharmony on a global scale. This does not auger well for anyone. The time has come where those in the developed, formerly affluent nations, need as much help and assistance as those in the developing poor nations. Don’t look far – The food distribution centers, homeless centres, child poverty and adult poverty are in existence in the formerly affluent nations. Now is the time to exercise your generosity! Don’t wait for tomorrow.

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About the author

M.B.,Ch.B., MSc (Edin), DPM (RCP Lond & RCS Eng)

Dr Lakha was born in Mombasa, Kenya, in 1949. He has worked in various fields in England, since 1979, including Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Casualty, Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and then was a family physician for 24 years till he retired in 2009 at the age of 60yrs to devote full time to charity work and has been the founder member and chairman of Humanitarian and Charitable ONE Trust (HACOT).

He has been a leading figure in the early establishment of Primary Care Trusts (NHS) in England in 1990s and was a professional member of the PCT. He was also a leading GP to have achieved the highest scores in Quality and Outcome Framework and to attain the highest targets. He was the leader of the Fundholding team of his practice, responsible for commissioning services.

He has been a member of several charities and been the chairman on various occasions for several terms. He was responsible, as chairman, to arrange the World Trade Fair Exhibition at Earls Court Olympia in 1995.

He is married with 3 children and has 3 grandchildren. He was a very active and successful participant in the field of elocution, debating and drama and is an avid reader. He has a lot of experience working with very poor, destitute and needy individuals and has organised and participated in medical camps. He is the author of the Book, “HEADS YOU WIN TAILS YOU WIN”

He has, after retirement in 2009, spent all of his time in setting up the infrastructure of the charity, monthly visits to Kenya, meeting stakeholders and attendance in London at meetings of various forums including Bond, Fund Raising Standards Board, End Water Poverty and Impact Alliance all of which HACOT is a member.

He has a vast circle of friends and acquaintances and has excellent links with various organisations and community groups.

He has a proven capability as an organiser and a leader and has embarked on full-time commitment to charity work and will develop an effective working model for (1) Poverty and hunger reduction (2) Prevention of HIV/AIDS and (3) Provision of clean drinking water and safe sanitation for the very poor and needy people, worldwide. At the initial stages the projects will be run in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi and progress to other countries.

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