how to support the oppressed

How to Support the Oppressed

How to support the oppressed

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eing a voice for the oppressed is every Muslim’s duty. And in today’s age, supporting the oppressed can take many different forms – from protesting to writing to your politicians to raising awareness, here are 7 ideas on how to support those who need it most.

1. Digital Activism

Use your social media presence to share content that depicts the extent of the problem.

When George Floyd was killed, the #BlackLivesMatter movement on social media led to the creation of 40 additional teams worldwide in support.

And today, as we watch the terrifying events unfold in Gaza, social media is one of our strongest tools to mobilize protests and marches in support of Palestine.

2. Traditional Activism

Attend events and rallies whenever and wherever possible. This works hand-in-hand with digital activism as social media can amplify the traditional forms of rallies and protests.

You might just be one person – but the more people who attend, the louder the voice and the stronger the message. Every single person counts.

3. Educate Others

It’s very easy to get angry and annoyed at people who don’t know what’s going on or have opinions based on false information or bigoted propaganda.

But by getting angry, you’ll only turn them away. The Prophetic spirit is to educate and debate them with the best of akhlaq. Today, as we are bombarded with false information and racist, bigoted news coverage of what is going on in Gaza, our job should be to educate and debate, not get angry and lose hope.

4. Write To Your Government

Write to your MP, Senator, or local official.

You have elected them – and that means they work for you. Make sure that if they are not doing the right thing, they are at least aware of your strong opinions and thoughts. With enough pressure, politicians and governments can be persuaded to act or acknowledge our opinions.

5. Make A Sincere Dua

The dua is the weapon of the believer. Make as much dua as you can for the oppressed.

Imam Sadiq stated: “If forty people gather together and supplicate to Allah for a (fulfillment) of deeds, the Almighty will respond to them.”

6. Donate To Reputable Charities

Donate whatever you can to reputable Muslim charities working on the ground to deliver aid to the oppressed.

Your donations can fast-track their efforts to help those most in need – and this is a tangible way to ensure our brothers and sisters who are facing oppression see some sort of physical help from the rest of the ummah.

7. Know The Facts

Take time out of your day to keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

Even something as small as taking an interest in knowing what is happening across the ummah is beloved by Allah.

The Prophet said: “Whoever does not care about the Muslims is not one of them”.

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