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Abdulhusain-Mohamed-Tejani Abdulhussain Muhammed Tejani (Dubai, UAE) is a Change Architect in Leadership and HR and has been involved in many capacities in the community and through pro bono work with youths. Presently, he is the Chief People Officer in Leadership and HR at People Matter, and an accredited Trainer for the Human Capital Institute (US).

Human Resources Vice President focused on designing and delivering effective people management, talent development and workforce planning strategies to create a high-performance culture. Built a 24-year career encompassing HR and Learning and development directorships within global healthcare, banking, education, petroleum, market research and information companies covering the MENA region.

Effectively led pre and post-merger initiatives to integrate and harmonise HR personnel, systems and functions. Developed trust and credibility of the HR function, embedding processes and systems within wider business strategy and monitoring their operational impact. A key influencer and change agent who skilfully liaises with board-level executives, senior management and business unit heads in securing commitment to change management initiatives, as well as policy and procedure implementation. An engaging and inspirational leader adept at coaching, mediating and resolving employee relations issues. Experienced in modernising compensation and benefits structures, as well as establishing strategic partnerships to aid people development and the accomplishment of overarching business objectives.

Organisation Design and Restructure People Management Talent Development HR Strategy Workforce Planning Recruitment & Selection Change Management Employee Relations Compensation & Benefits Industrial Relations Training & Development Mediation, Negotiation, Dispute Resolution Project Management Policies and Procedures Development Performance Management


e are all ready to be savages in some cause. The difference between a good man and a bad one is the choice of the cause. One usually blames the world, projects their issues upon everyone they know, and lives a life of selfishness. Personally, I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise. Before we project this as a yardstick onto others, let’s accept that it takes strength, maturity, and humility to identify and address our own shortcomings and toxic traits.
The folly of man, sigh! – is when evil men burn their own organization/nation/kingdom/to the ground to rule over the ruins. The same lesson will appear in different forms until you learn to respond differently. History is proof of that!
At this juncture, an African proverb reverberates in my mind whereby it eloquently articulates, “the axe forgets what the tree remembers”. The wrongdoers plunder until karma comes back for its share.
Isn’t life so ironic? It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence. Ideally, we should be lifting each other up and cheering each other on, not trying to outshine one another. Just imagine how dark the sky would be with just one star shining away.
To turn things around, one has to accede to the fact that the mark of a noble individual lies in their unwavering commitment to doing what is right, rather than being swayed by the countless options available. Unfortunately in this battle, you will be seen as rebellious in the eyes of those who cannot control or manipulate you. It is when people are contented and free from excessive desires that manipulative individuals find it difficult to exploit or interfere.
So live and be free. Let’s free ourselves from these excesses.
Eyes seek outer beauty but the heart seeks someone who understands. Experience teaches us that our most sacred tears never seek our eyes. The eyes of the soul show that when it carries empathy, it will be a soul that has survived and understands enormous pain. Go back to your ancestors and you will realize that what they left behind is not what is engraved in wealth and stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.
Leave a legacy that lights up the world and your grave when you are gone! Life is not a matter of just holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well for the greater good.
I am completely unapologetic about my ramblings for I overthink because I overlove and I overcare. Do you?

Bring Empathetic Leadership back!

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