Does God Exist? Just take a closer look at nature

By: Zamena Manekia Manji (Bujumbura, Burundi)

What if we were randomly confronted by a hard-core atheist with the question we always dread ‘Prove that God exists’. would we be able to give a rational reply or would we stutter and get away with, ‘well I feel his presence everywhere, he always solves my troubles, you should try believing in God too’. Whereas that is true, we shouldn’t be taken aback if the atheist bursts into laughter for a claim based on emotions really won’t help.  Atheists tend to extensively search the nature and science and constantly look for flaws to prove their points and hence, we need to use the same elements to confront them.

The creation of the entire universe has never ceased to amaze mankind and yet, there is a belief that it all came by chance. A simple piece of paper cannot come by chance. A tedious process results into it’s making. How then can a complex creation such as the universe just snap out of nowhere?

Logically, from nothing comes nothing, hence from the little ants trailing on our floors to the massive whales in the ocean, each creation has been carefully designed and placed accordingly. These creatures which thrive on the land and the oceans have amazing abilities which hints on the complexity of it’s making.

The most gigantic species to ever live on this planet mesmerizes science till today. The whale, and in particular, the blue whale. They weigh a whopping 130 tons and are 30 meters long which is twice the size of the largest dinosaur. The tongue of the blue whale is the weight of an elephant and it’s heart is the size of a small car. It’s blood vessels are so wide, that one could literally swim down there. It’s tail is the weight of an aircraft’s wing. Yet despite its massive size, the blue whale can comfortably dive to the depth of 800-100 m and resurface within seconds. If a ship of the same size were to sink into such depths, it would take years of work to raise it again. This is because the bones of the whale are made of a spongy substance filled with fat and that helps is to regain surface easily.

Another aspect of this magnificent creature that baffles biologists is the whale’s migration during the winter. Whales need warm waters to deliver their calves.The massive mammals travel towards the warmer waters when pregnant. Throughout the 7000 km journey, the whale does not eat and doesn’t feel the need to do so. During summer, the whale feeds on nutritional rich northern waters and hence, it acquires a thick layer of fat containing more energy than needed during the long journey.

When the calves are born, they feed on nothing but the mother’s milk which is an almost solid substance filled with fat and proteins. Remember, the calf is feeding underwater and hence, the milk does not dissolve in the water due to its solid consistency. At this point, we can see that everything has been taken care of. How can one then assume that such a creature could come about by chance? It’s every aspect and move clearly hints a complex design which requires constant monitoring.

The seven heavens and the earth and whatever is in them exalt Him. And there is not a thing except that it exalts [ Allah ] by His praise, but you do not understand their [way of] exalting. Indeed, He is ever Forbearing and Forgiving (surah meraj 44)

Similarly, loggerhead sea turtles amazingly arrive at the same spot they were born in to give birth to their little ones which usually means they have to travel thousands of kilometers. 20-25 years later, they return to the same place at the same time. A human being can not do so without the assistance of maps and other people yet, these creatures easily find their way through. National Geographic recently concluded that the loggerhead sea turtles tend to navigate their way by the Earth’s magnetic fields, which could pose a problem for their return due to the shifts in the field. They then found that the nests of the sea turtles actually moved in tandem with the shifts in the magnetic field. That’s how sharp their navigation skills are.

Another astounding migration is that of the birds. The bar-tailed god-wit for example, travels from Alaska to New Zealand. It covers a distance of 11,500 km and takes 9 days and nights to complete the journey. Through this migration, the bird does not sleep. It faces rain and snow storms yet it doesn’t stop. Imagine, the creature doesn’t eat, drink or sleep for 9 days yet it survives the journey. It was then found that half of its brain sleeps and the other half is awake and no one has any idea how this happens.

The ruby throated hummingbird has also left biologists amazed. It lives in the amazon and is the only bird known to man that can fly backward. This very tiny bird flies 2000km from south America to the Mississippi. It takes a full 26 hours to cross 600 miles. Who ensures this bird’s safety high up in the sky in the dark of the night? how do these creations survive thousands of kilometers till they reach their destination? They don’t have a mind like ours yet they surpass our abilities on their own. Such complex creations can not just randomly appear from nowhere. It is God who created them and the entire universe.

Do they not see the birds above them with wings outspread and [sometimes] folded in? None holds them [aloft] except the Most Merciful. Indeed He is, of all things, Seeing. (surah mulk :19)

Atheists are firm on their belief  of evolution which can be defeated by fossils. These by definition are remains or impressions of a prehistoric organism preserved in a petrified form.  Harun Yahya states that ‘The fossil record crushes the belief of evolution. Among all the fossils found over the years, there is not one trace of the intermediate forms that would be necessary if living things were to have evolved stage by stage from simple species to more complex ones, as the theory of evolution claims. If such creatures had really existed, there would have been millions, even billions, of them. More importantly, the remains of these creatures should be present in the fossil record. If these intermediate forms had ever really existed, their numbers would be even greater than the number of animal species we know today, and everywhere the world should be full of their fossil remains. Evolutionists look for these intermediate forms in all the feverish fossil research that has been carried out since the nineteenth century. However, there has been no trace of these intermediate forms, despite all the eager searching for the last 150 years.’

Other undeniable facts lie within the human being. A mere cell reveals a very complex structure. Modern science has revealed that the making of the cell is even more complex and mutually interconnected than that of a large city. Such a structure can only work if all its separate parts appear together in a full working form otherwise it wont serve its purpose. Hence, it is impossible that parts of the cell evolved over time and by chance.

Another extraordinary feature lies within our fingers. Each one of us has different curvatures on our fingertips. Isn’t this enough to prove design in our making? How is it possible that this distinguishing feature came about by chance? The Holy Qur’an had revealed this centuries before Science discovered this amazing feature in the following verse.

Yes, We are able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers. (Qur’an, 75:4)

These are just a minuscule percentage of the magnanimity of God. Its about time we open our eyes and study this very beautiful universe for each creation within this realm makes us realize how little we know about our Lord.


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