Faith and affirmation

Confronting the Yazids of our time

Mohammed-KhakuMohammedAbbas Khaku (Allentown, USA) is the past president of Al Ahad Islamic Center in Allentown. He is a Social and criminal justice writer and regularly writes for a number of international publications. He is the Senior Derivatives Financial Analyst at Freddie Mac and holds the ODE Economic Honors Society associated with Moravian University

Faith and affirmation


hile Karbala was an immense tragedy, Imam Hussain’s martyrdom was a triumph of truth over falsehood; of legitimacy over illegality. His sacrifice will continue to provide solace to those languishing in the torture chambers of tyrants, everywhere in the world…The line that Imam (AS) drew in the sand with his blood will forever remain a barrier for tyrants and oppressors…Imam Hussain (AS) lives in the hearts and minds of committed Muslims while Yazid remains forever a cursed figure.”

Let us ponder the hypocrisy of those who had martyred the Imam and his family, as well as many Muslims and Muslim leaders of today…

All those present at the battle of Karbala who took part or assisted in the brutal acts offered Salat and recited the Qur’an. We Muslim send salutations upon the family of the Prophet (SAW) while standing in prayers five times a day.

Durood-e Ibrahim“ “Allah Humma Sallay ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala al-e Muhammad…” How could today’s Muslim Ummah praise Yazid and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Yazids of today?

Did they even bother to reflect upon their conduct having perpetrated a horrific slaughter and the desecration of the bodies of the Prophet’s family?

Muslims must confront this hypocrisy and identify the Yazidis of today, of whom there are far too many. And today a section of Islamic scholars should stop their deceit by giving different points of view of the event of Ashura.

The grandson of the Prophet drew the line in the sand with his blood for truth, justice, and legitimacy.

What led the Ummah of the Prophet to abandon Hussain ibne Ali?

Imam Ali (AS) warned the Muslim Ummah of certain groups of scholars or ideologies by saying “time will come when certain ideologies will empty the values of Islam to appease the rulers of the time”

Under the guise of avoiding politics, and quietist Islam, we as the Muslim Ummah have permitted the atrocities of the world to continue. It is time to confront today’s Yazids, wherever they are.

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