Change is Imminent – Part Two

The writer, Sameer Kermalli (Nairobi, Kenya) is a graphic designer, photographer and has been involved in leadership and community service positions.

Humans today have access to more books and information, more than before, there was a time where language was a barrier and not all the books were available to the masses. Today however, with translations being at a click of a button and books available electronically over the vast web, getting the information and comparing it has become tremendously easy. Research methodology which used to be a course in one’s masters program before writing a thesis has become a subject taught to 9th graders who have to cite references and add bibliographies to their course work. Plagiarism is the thing of the past.

Ali, the cousin of the Holy Prophet said ““Do not raise your children the way [your] parents raised you, they were born for a different time.” Information age is crucial, the new generation is asking for reform from the olden ways of a religion that seems to have gaps and kinks. Whether it be in their chains of narrations, references and time elapsed between narrators. The way ideas and concepts have been laid out are the cause for concern.

Deep research, logical thinking and chronological timelines are being questioned, single chain narrators and narrators of whispers seen in dreams are being shaken and uprooted from their core. Reformists, bringers of change, are made to feel like rebels and disbelievers within their own communities. The time of Muslims memorizing Quran recitation is gone. Revivalist Muslims are looking at going back to the Quran, seeking the deeper meaning it has to offer. Revivalists are instead now quoting from the Quran and crumbling the sayings that aren’t in congruence to the holy book, causing the mainstream Muslims to defend a position they swear by, despite being given the revivalists perspective. The new generation is not outspoken, but they speak their mind. When something doesn’t make sense they do not keep mumb, they ask. When a favorable answer isn’t received, they ask those who have studied more, until the facts and findings do. Humans aren’t here to protect the lord, He does it Himself, and when the time comes, it happens – He protects his own from the largest with the smallest.

We need to come to a realization, regardless of who we pray to now; that there is one lord, he has sent prophets to different communities around the world with a single message, believe in Him, do not put partners to Him and your salvation is in submitting to His will, that is what is absolute, everything else can and will change.

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