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Bricklayers – the choice is yours

Asgar-DhanjiThe writer, Asgar Jafferali Dhanji (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) served as the Secretary-General of the Africa Federation for two – 3-years terms.  He served as JIBA Vice Chairman – with a particular passion to raise funds and offer Micro Finance to our Community – for low-income, underprivileged, startups, Business loans, individuals, and small enterprises — thereby giving opportunities to grow economically.  He is the founder of Imaan Finance Ltd — the First Islamic Finance Institution in Tanzania.  and has also served in Dar es Salaam Jamaat’s Arbitration Committee as well as a Board member of Ebrahim Haji Charitable Hospital – with a particular passion for the project of building the new hospital.  He is now a motivational/Inspirational speaker giving regular Saturday Fajr lectures at Dar Imambara.

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wo bricklayers were interviewed by a reporter. 

The reporter asked the first worker how he spent his day. In turn, the worker replied in a resentful tone -: “I spent hours in the hot sun picking these silly bricks and putting them on top of each other. Leave me alone”.

Then, the reporter turned to the second worker and asked the same question to him. His response was – in a grateful, enthusiastic tone, “I take these bricks and turn them into beautiful structures, without people like me there would be no buildings and economy”.

The moral of the story is: both workers are correct – depending on how you look at it.

One has a choice: you either dread each day, count the minutes, and remind yourself of how boring your job is, complain and whine and wish it were different. Or, remind yourself “it is what it is” and make the best of it. 

You can smile, be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude. 

You will be at work for the same number of hours, either way, so why whine? 

When some toll takers were asked about their jobs, they said their job is not to take money per se, but to see how many people they can make smile. 

Therefore, people who approach their jobs in this positive way are almost always the ones who enjoy their work the most and usually the ones who move quickly up the ladder if that is what they choose to do. 

Their attitude is lighthearted and relaxing to themselves, and inspiring and contagious to others. 

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