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Artificial Intelligence: Winning the last battle

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Winning the last battle

Sameer-KermalliThe writer, Sameer Murad Kermalli (Nairobi, Kenya) is a graphic designer, photographer and has been involved in leadership and community service positions.


othing happens by chance. There is a reason behind every instance in this world, and humans, regardless of what they might think are in little control of it all. Humans are but cogs in a big machine who move in a direction depending on a decision they make, and yet one can only wonder if that decision due to free will is what the universe is expecting they would make. With intelligence to better themselves, humans at the mercy and will of time. Good or bad, it’s to be seen.

When the Wright brothers figured out flight, it was a breakthrough in travel. Between the time this happened, the first and second world wars were only 40 years, and in another 2 years, humans had achieved supersonic flight. All these developments were not looking at commercial flight but how to make better and faster fighter jets, in order to have better warfare. The Wrigths saw this evolution; good or bad, it happened.

Humans are continuously adapting to their surroundings, continually looking to conquer. When humans conquer, they are not increasing their wealth, but also getting more people to make their lives easier. Every decision from monumental pyramids to the plantations was all about getting more by doing less. Human laziness is what pushes him to create tools that ease their lives and give them more time to feed their greed. In the last 20 years, we came from phones that sat on a table to a handheld device that does more than we could fathom, easing communication globally. Good or bad, it continues.

Humans have done everything in their power to make everything more efficient, and this is a vicious cycle. We work to simply do something, and that continues to do the work for us, and we can take a break, but this isn’t what happens. This cycle makes humans continually in search for sustainability. It’s a type of greed that is never-ending. Good or bad, it’s for the best.

The advancement in AI is inevitable. With the global population expanding, transport needs to be flawless, the production of food has to take into consideration climate change and become smarter agriculture, financial systems without boundaries, and all utilities need to be produced and distributed gapless. This is how happiness is achieved for governments. To achieve this perfectly, AI is without a doubt investment worthy.

This is where the war of end of days comes in. As a child, I was always told about the war where technology will be switched off and the war will be fought bare hands. How does one switch off technology would be a plausible question. With nothing working, humans will have to adopt their basal instincts to keep alive, for those who will fight, there will be victors and the vanquished, and for those who fight, maybe salvation would await them in another place. Eventually, AI will take over and it will take a single human from the olden ages to press the reset, winning a battle without a drop of bloodshed. Global peace is possibly not far-fetched, and the stepping stone called AI is what we have taken a step on. Good or bad, we will not see it.

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