Bounties of Allah

Appreciating the bounties of Allah – Children’s Corner

Appreciating the bounties of Allah

Nazneen Mukhtar GulamhusseinThe columnist Nazneen Gulamhussein Mukhtar (Arusha, Tanzania) is the headmistress of Yaadgare Murtazawi Madressa, She is a mother to five children and loves writing and reading. She always wanted to inspire children – her favourite audience. Writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember and believes that effective learning takes place through storytelling.

Salman was always spoiling his things, he was really very careless. “Salman! That’s the fifth pencil this month! It seems like you eat them!” Salman smiled naughtily, and said, “They are a bit tasty! Who knows?” His mother gave him an angry look and he ran past her to his room. He knew he had a bad habit, but he was not worried about it. His elder Sister Zainab was in the room and she said, “Salman! I could hear what mummy was saying, why do you behave in this manner? Last week you spoilt Dad’s computer and he was so shocked to see that all his files would just not open, and then you came and spoilt my Mobile, and as for your Game boy and watch, you purposely left them in the garden when you knew it’s the rainy season, and its all spoilt and looks faded!”

“It’s ok, be cool Zainab. Don’t worry, we can always buy other stuff. Dad’s rich and he can afford it. I can’t help it if I am a tiny bit forgetful”

Zainab gave a sigh and decided not so say another word, but Grandmother who had heard the conversation, said, “Salman, there is a lack of appreciation in your manner. I don’t like it at all. One day you will realize how hard it is for other boys and then you will learn to appreciate the things Allah has blessed you with, and not take them for granted”.

Well as Salman was going school, he couldn’t help thinking about all his grandmother had said, he still felt it was exaggeration, and he was not that bad!

When he reached he saw Mujtaba who was also in his class. Mujtaba was a new student, and everyone made fun of him. His clothes were odd, and they seemed too large for him, and he had the dirtiest collection of books and stationeries. He pulled one of the handles on the Bag Mujtaba was carrying and the strap came off and his bag fell on the muddy puddle. The books came flying out and what a mess it was!

Mujtaba had tears in his eyes. Salman grinned and said, “Hey! Don’t get very emotional brother- I was just having a little fun, look you can always cover your books again and they will be as good as new. Anyway, you needed to cover them, as these covers are so dull and old.” Mujtaba shrugged and walked away, and that day in the classroom he was scolded by the teacher and that made Salman feel a tiny bit guilty!

So that day he decided to follow Mujtaba home and help him cover up his books. He walked slowly behind as he wanted to surprise him. He had actually never seen where Mujtaba lived. He saw Mujtaba enter a very old looking flat. A lady came out to open the door, she looked very tired, but she was smiling.

“Salam Alaikum Mummy,” said Mujtaba. “wa alaikum Salam Beta..and who is this behind you?” she suddenly saw Salman. Mujtaba looked behind and saw Salman. I have just come to help you cover your books old thing!” said Salman. Mujtaba nodded and they both went inside.

Salman was shocked to see the condition of his house. It seemed so drab and the furniture was also very old. “My books fell in the puddle mummy” said Mujtaba. His mother looked sad and said, “Mujtaba! You know I can’t afford to buy anything more this term. I guess you will have to cover the books with some newspapers. How could you be so careless?” Salman was sad to hear this. He remembered all the times he had torn his covers just to put on some new and shiny cover! He was ashamed and said, “look Mujtaba, I was the one who pushed you and your books got dirty, so it’s only fair if I cover them for you. Please give me your books and I will return them back tomorrow in class”

Mujtaba’s mother smiled and said, “Dear! That’s’ kind of you, but I don’t want you to
trouble yourself. Please sit with us and have some dinner”

Salman insisted on taking the Books and was going to say he could not stay for Dinner but when he saw Mujtaba’s happy face he agreed. There was rice and curry with no meat.

“I am sorry Salman! But since my father lost his job we cant afford to have meat everyday. So we have it on the weekends.”

Salman said it was alright, but he started remembering the times when he had spilt his dinner in anger and left it uneaten and how he had insisted on having chicken almost everyday!

As he left Mujtaba’s house, he felt very regretful. He thanked Allah for all the blessing she had and prayed that Mujtaba’s father should get a job soon.

When he reached home, he covered Mujtaba’s book neatly and put a fine set of stationery in his bag. When his mother called him for Dinner he explained that he had already eaten at a friend’s house.

From that day, his attitude changed. His grandmother was the first to notice. He started taking care of his things and stopped being careless. His mother was so pleased that she got for him a Bicycle for his Birthday. “Mummy! Thanks a lot! But I already have a very good one!” His mother was pleased to hear it and said, “You still deserve this new one, and you can give away the other to a friend of yours” Well you can guess who Mujtaba gave his other bicycle to? Yes! It was given to Mujtaba.

Mujtaba was so thrilled. Now Salman and Mujtaba are the best of friends. What a great lesson Salman had learnt. Do you appreciate all the things you have children? Let us think for a moment of the bounties of Allah and thank him from the core of our hearts. The great secret is, Allah says, I will multiply the Bounties if you thank me!

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