Al-Mahaasin, The Beauties (From The Progeny Of Muhammad) – Part Six

The author, Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin Khalid Al-Barqi was a renowned Twelver Shi’a hadith scholar and historian of 3rd/9th century. Both Shi’a and Sunni scholars have relied on his hadiths.

Chapter 5: The (Group Of) Sevens

From him, from Al Nowfaly, from Al Sakuny, from Abu Abdullah having said: ‘Rasul Allah (saww) said: ‘The one who perfects his ablution, and improves his Salat, and gives his Zakat, and restrains his anger, and imprisons his tongue, and seeks Forgiveness for his sins, and fulfils the commitment (that for what he is advised) to the People (asws) of the Household of his Prophet (saww), so he has completed the realities of Iman (faith), and the Gateways of Paradise would be open for him’.1

From him, from Abu Al Qasim Abdul Rahman Bin Hamaad, from the one who mentioned it, from Abdul Mu’min Al Ansary, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws) having said: ‘Rasul Allah (saww) said: ‘I (saww) curse seven whom Allah (azwj) the High has Cursed, and a Prophet (saww) was always Answered’.

It was said, ‘O Rasul Allah (saww)! Who are they?’ He (saww) said: ‘The exceeder in the Book of Allah (azwj), and the liar in the Power of Allah (azwj), the opponent of my (saww) Sunnah, and the one who has permitted from my (saww) family what Allah (azwj) has Forbidden, and the enforcer of tyranny to honour the one whom Allah (azwj) has Disgraced, and disgrace the one whom Allah (azwj) has Honoured, and the follower upon the Muslims due to their Fey (Khums) being made permissible for him, and the forbidder of what Allah (azwj) has Permitted’.2

From him, from Yunus Bin Abdul Rahman, from Amro Bin Jami’e, raising it, said, ‘Salman Al-Farsi(as) said: ‘My friend (Rasul Allah (saww)) advised me(as) with seven qualities, that I(as) should not leave them in any situation. He (saww) advised me(as) that I(as) should look at the one who is beneath me(as) and not look at the one who is above me(as); and that I(as) should love the poor and be near to them; and that I(as) should speak the truth even if it was bitter; and that I(as) should maintain good relationships even if it was the housekeeper; and that I(as) should not ask the people for anything. And he (saww) advised me(as) that I(as) should be frequent in saying ‘There is no Power or Strength except with Allah (azwj) the Exalted, the Magnificent’, for it is a treasure from the treasures of the Paradise’.3

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