A Simple Thought: Thursday, 25th August ’16

A simple thought from The Community on Friday: Death and anniversaries of death are but stark reminders to us of how close and how real life’s end is, it brings to mind agonising memories of hitherto living people, much the same like ourselves, now gone forever but survived with memories cast in our hearts and minds. If anything, the Creator desires to see a change in those surrounded by death and news of death, for in such events lie the keys for humankind to reflect, ponder and learn that our actions and our deeds, are the only armour with which we will cross the barrier into the next world.Life is short, everyone says so, but very few actually live the piety, the courtesy, the righteousness and the morality prerequisite of a safe passage to aakherah. Sometimes, we witness the death of extremely nice people, at others of those who had wronged us, at least in our own perception.

Whereas Islam teaches us to constantly announce that we knew nothing bad of the deceased and to pray for him or her, such an event must internally remind us of the challenges facing us, with every waking day as we advance closer to our own macabre. We live in perhaps the most turbulent of times, where keeping our faith and values intact is so deeply difficult that it is easy for most to slip away in search of an easy route out of a problem – to steal or swindle so a need can be fulfilled, for honest earning is harder, to lie and to deceive, for sincerity can potentially lead us into trouble, for running over the dignities and honour of others as a means to stamp our authority, because the weak have no place or right to survive.

Through these and many other compelling circumstances, our barometer must necessarilly be pointing towards our promised end. Hardship in this world, being looked down upon by society and so on, must be relegated to the incidences of life that are like the wind, they keep changing direction. Remembering death and fearing our consequences will change us forever, just like Hajj must revolutionalise our lives.

But does it?

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