A Brief Commentary on Dua Jawshan Kabeer, parts of the invocation – Part 2

Contributed by Jameel Kermalli, USA


Al-Kaf-ami narrates in al-Balad al-Ameen and al-Misbah that Imam Ali as-Sajjad (AS) related from his father, from his grandfather the Prophet of Allah (S) that this supplication was taught by the Angel Jibraeel (AS) to the Prophet during one of the battles.

Jibrael (AS) explained the greatness of this supplication which includes that whoever reads it with a pure intention in the beginning of Ramadhan, Allah will grant him sustenance on the Night of Power and will create for this person 70,000 Angels who will all be busy in the praising and glorification of Allah and will give this reward to the person who has read this supplication.

In addition, whoever reads this supplication three times during Ramadhan, Allah will make the hell-fire forbidden on him and would make it obligatory for that person to go into Paradise. For such a person, Allah will also appoint two Angels to protect that person from all evils and he would be in the protection of Allah for as long as he is alive.

Then Imam Husain ibn Ali (as) said, “My father Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) had bequeathed to me that I should memorise and protect this supplication and write it on his Kafan (burial shroud) and that I should teach it to my family and encourage them to read it as it contains 1,000 names of Allah and within these names is the Greatest Name of Allah (Ism-e-Azam).


Science and Dua

The strong, free flowing and favorable info-energy produced within one’s energy system with prayer and invocation is an undeniable fact, and the field force’s ability to repel ailments at the energy level is well documented. Most certainly, the Prophets, the Infallible, many saints and even regular people have used the power of prayer to produce healing and change. Even what comes out from their body (like saliva, breath) has healing capabilities, as the source is pure with highly charged energy fields.

According to Weston (1998), the voltage emissions from a hand of a person can be a billion times stronger than brain-wave voltages, one hundred million times stronger than heart voltages, and a million times stronger than large psychophysiological skin-potential. All this means that the energy emission from the hands of a person offering invocation can make a difference at the physiological level.

Al-Zuhri relates from Saeed, son of al-Musayyib, that he said, The people were not going out of Makkah until Ali, son of al-Husain (AS), the chief of the worshippers went out. So he went out, and they went out with him. He stopped in one of the way stations and prayed two units of prayer. Then he glorified Allah – I mean with this glorification during his prostration – there were no tree and no clod of earth that did not glorify along with him. As in the case of Prophet Dawud (AS), it is true that whenever the Prophets and the Infallible (AS) used to glorify Allah, everything would have a chance to participate in this invocation. Apparently, a strong believer is also said to be able to communicate and move trees and mountains at will, and that some purified individuals have been blessed with such energy communication and understanding with the creation as a whole.


References and Quotations

A lot of times, I have used the following sources, as they are much better and the research has been done:-

NAHJUL BALAGHA – PEAK OF ELOQUENCE – There is no better source – after the Qur’an – than Imam Ali (AS).

DR. JIBOURI in his book – Knowing ALLAH, The Concept of God in Islam – He has provided a very good commentary on the 99 Names of ALLAH.

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