Ramadhan – Part 1

Contributed by Zishaan Karim,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

O Allah, I ask You with the asking of one whose indigence is extreme

Who has stated to You in difficulties, his needs

        Dua Kumayl

When I look at what I have gathered I see my indigence as there are so many opportunities, so many situations where I can acquire and collect for my journey ahead but alas I am blinded by the glamour around.

In the midst of materialism and glamour, I forgot that the reality lies with You and You are the true Light; everything other than you is illusion and delusive.

Here I am, expressing my indigence to you, knowing with certainty that your grant will be based on Your Munificence and not based upon my poverty.

I do deserve naught from You but Your Grace will not let me go empty handed.

I have always been at Your door in times of difficulties, and You have always given me more than my needs. My relation with You has always been one where I expect maximum from Your end

“Give me, O Lord, all that which I have asked for from You and grant me more favor…”

-Dua Abu Hamza Thumaly

And my reaction is reversed yet You have never forsaken me.

“O Lord, You give an invitation but I turn it down. You become familiar with me but I do not care for You. You love me but I do not correspond to You as if You are overreaching me. Yet You do not abstain from bestowing favours and blessings on me from Your mercy and generosity”

        Dua al Iftitah

In these days of reaching Your nearness, I seek ability to tread on the path of those who have been able to meet you with a contented heart.

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