Contributed by Zishaan Karim

Dar es Salaam

The days have approached when we, the Twelver Shias, clothe ourselves in black. These are the days when our attire is a reflection of our inner feelings. Sadness felt within our hearts gets reflected in our dressing, our eating styles, our daily routine and so forth.

Even those who are usually workaholics drop everything and rush to the Imambargah, to mourn al Husayn (as).

“What benefit does this mourning carry?” is a question I always asked myself and as I grew to understand the language spoken from the pulpit, I got the answer. A clear distinct answer- A drop of tear the size of the wing of a housefly gives the mourner the reward of Jannah; it becoming incumbent upon him!

Lo and behold! This seemed like Abra Cadabra- Shed a tiny tear and get paradise in return? Is it that simple?

It is al Husayn (as) we are discussing, and grandeur belongs to him…

Is he not the one who selflessly gave up everything he possessed from his six month old baby to his very life, for preserving the religion of Islam?

In his love, there are those who have transformed from chained ones to free beings like Hurr.

Have I understood the status of Al Husayn (as)?

I wonder…..

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