A Simple Thought: Tuesday, 13th June ’17

A simple thought from The Community on Friday:
Tonight, the night of dharbat, the fatal assault on the head of Ameerul Mu’mineen (AS), once more casts an empty feeling in the hearts of Muslims worldwide.  Despite this action, what we learn from history is that the Ahlul Bayt (AS) continued remaining patient while being steadfast.  This chapter of history, like many others in taarikh, impart the continuous lesson of morals and discipline.
Imam Ali (AS)’s departure from this mortal world left an irreplaceable void in the field of exemplary knowledge and counsel.  This is perhaps the cascading personality of Abal Hassan, that illuminated an age of greed, lust and treachery.  His elimination is what indeed spells a true calamity for the Muslim world.
What this magnificent personality taught us was sincerity of action, sense of purpose and submission to Allah (SWT), the Lord of the Worlds.  As we mark this sombre occasion, the least we can do is follow in his footsteps and emulate his actions, given that the same or worse off society has emerged again, where self service, self gratification, pursuit of power, moral decay and decimation of vast populations, are the prevalent currencies.
By exhibiting a moral conduct, by display of kindness to all, by inculcating an ability to co exist with others, by our generosity, by our sincere words, we will in truth be representing his ideals for the world to see.
Tonight when you reach out to others, for once, bring it from your hearts not from a forwarded source, when you pray for others, mean it from the bottom of your hearts rather than in the heat of the moment, pledge to help others while remaining humble, promise yourself to pursue more learning for His pleasure, abandon actions of display that hurt others or cause disaffection, think simplicity.  This and more was what he was all about.  Failing to enact his persona in our own lives today and reducing him to be the subject of chants only, may render us Muslims in name who only think about their own well being in this world.  Remember, our end may not be far from now and our actions may not be adequate for the upcoming journey, about which he was observed praying: “O Allah, I ask You for protection on the day when property will not avail, nor sons except he who comes with a heart free (from evil) (26: 88)… And I ask You for protection on the day when the unjust one will bite his hands saying: O would that I had taken a way with the messenger (25; 27)”
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