A Simple Thought: Sunday, 17th July ’16

A thought from The Community on Friday: Just as Muslims must not force their religion or religious principles on others, but rather treat them with respect, so must the other value systems and faith groups reciprocate. The challenge, however, is that Islam does not segregate between religion and any other dimension of our lives, be it cultural, political, social or educational. When we speak of Islam as a way of life, this is what we mean. To the power mongerers, this is an open threat for by its sheer presence, it holds the potential of shaking the tenets of schools of thoughts that are based on self harnessing power. What is happening in the world today is not surprising, for the “green enemy” (reference to Islam after the end of the cold war era), has been long in the brew of the concoction of this new world order.

As Muslims, our biggest struggle is to learn our principles well and communicate them to the rest of the world, for the truth is, if not for the insulation of fallacy fabricated by those interested to retain their network of power, the vast majority of people do actually see sense in the truth. “Fasbir, inna wa’dallahi haq”, is Allah (SWT)’s affirmed promise in which we should rest our faith. In the meantime, whether we give in to the pressures of removal of beards, veils and essentially, our morals, remains to be seen.

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